KUWENTO means story, and this is our space for reflection. This is where members of the Teach for the Philippines family share their experience of being part of the movement towards education reform. We hope that through sharing our KUWENTO, we will be able to give you a more complete view of what it means to leave your mark for our children, and for our country.

Teacher Jerome: Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon?

“Para kanino ka bumabangon?” Who do you wake up for?   Before the first day of class, we were told by our grade level chairman that we should be in school at 5:45 AM to prepare for the day. It... Read More

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Teacher Mel: On Leaving Your Mark

Today, I found out that my kid hasn't been coming home for the past three days. Three days ago, his... Read More >

Teacher Marc: On Taking Chances, Giving Chances

School is rarely a nondescript day, not when you get involved with a few hundred students with very diverse backgrounds.... Read More >

Teacher Kilo: On How Improv Changed My...

When I first heard the name Scott Sherman it was said with such hype, such gusto, such reverence that I... Read More >

Teacher Ryan: Wisdom and Laughter from Scott...

He is a larger than life personality who exudes loads of positive energy bursting from him. He’s all smiley and... Read More >

Georgina Blackett: On Social Aikido with Scott...

On Saturday, November 8th, Teach for the Philippines’ Teachers Fellows and staff headed to the HSBC Center in Fort Bonifacio... Read More >

Jake Rivera: More on Being Inspired

I was recently catching up with a friend over dinner. She got excited when she found out that I was... Read More >

CEP Intern Nina: Behind The Scenes

I signed up for the Civic Engagement Program (CEP) without a clear idea of what it was. I had a... Read More >

Teacher Sophia: On When To Love and...

There are several stories I can tell you. I could retell my best days inside the classroom but instead, I... Read More >

Teacher Cris: On Tough Love, Grit and...

The following Experiences entry and the photos accompanying it were reposted with permission from the author's original blog, which can... Read More >

Teacher Julio: Sino ang Iyong Iniidolo?

Ang akala kong isa sa mga normal na Lunes ay naging isa sa pinaka-di malilimutang Lunes sa aming klase. Lunes... Read More >